Through development, design and manufacture of
fluid loading devices,
contribute to stable supply of energy resources.

Tokyo Boeki Engineering Co., Ltd. (TEN) provides fluid loading devices which are essential for the stable supply of energy
and its development, design, manufacturing and after-sales service consistently.

TEN has achieved overwhelming delivery results for the flagship product Marine Loading Arms for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
more than 300 units worldwide to Japan and other countries.

In March 2019, TEN has participated in the “Development of Cargo Loading/unloading System for Liquefied Hydrogen
and the Relevant Rules for Operation” and has developed the world’s first marine loading arm for liquefied hydrogen.
TEN is currently working on the development of technology to make it larger and more lightweight.

Furthermore, in anticipation of the decarbonized society in the future,
TEN has been actively working on new businesses and new product development
such as adsorption chillers and ORC shipboard heat recovery system that generates electricity
using engine exhaust heat from medium and large-sized ships.

Acting as a whole with our vendor, Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd.,
TEN has satisfied our customer’s needs for more than half a century since 1955.

In the transition to next-generation energy, TEN will continue to be a manufacturer that grows alongside our customers
by providing technical skills which has been cultivated throughout our history.

Major Products and Services

Marine Loading Arms

We develop and manufacture various kinds of loading arms suitable for tailored applications. Our products are available for tankers of the several-hundred-ton class through the 500-thousand-ton class. The liquid types handled include chemicals such as concentrated sulfuric acid, cryogenic liquid (-162℃) such as LNG, and liquids with a high freezing point such as molten sulfur (120℃) and asphalt (180℃), in addition to oil-related products. Our marine loading arms are also used to transport slurry in which certain solids are mixed with liquid for conveyance.

Swivel Joints

The TEN swivel joint permits 360-degree rotation allowing smooth flow radii for minimum flow restriction and enables the piping to be configured in any direction as required. In particular, the TEN swivel joint specially designed for cryogenic use features safe and reliable liquid loading performance. Widely used for various applications especially in the food and construction industries.

Butterfly Valves

TEN butterfly valves have various series according to the application and are selectable depending on the quality of the material to meet several applications such as high temperature, high pressure and vacuum. Excellent sealing performance, as well as anti-corrosion and long life are realized. Development is underway for TEN butterfly valves that meet the increasing need for up-sizing for systems growing in size, as well as automation.

Cryogenic Butterfly Valves

We provide a secure sealing mechanism for long term and low torque operation by the combination of a double eccentric disc, a sealing mechanism applying sealing techniques used in the swivel joint for LNG service, and a double ball valve on ERS unit.

Absorption Chillers

We design and manufacture clean and energy conserving absorption chillers that use silica gel as an adsorbent. We provide adsorption chiller products that demonstrate stable freezing capability in compliance with various standards so that they can flexibly cope with the requirements that might be imposed depending on the installation atmosphere and application.

Company’s Profile

Business Development, design, manufacturing, sales and after-marketing services of LNG-related materials (cryogenic equipment)
Established November 28, 2002
(Registered address)
2-2-1 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0031 Japan
Business Network Tokyo Head Office, Nagaoka Works, Chiba Service Center, Osaka Service Center, Nagoya Service Center, Fukuoka Branch
President Hideshige Tsubouchi
Capital Stock 400 million yen
Employees 216 (As of March 31, 2020)
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