Through the sales of energy-related equipment centering
on loading arms with top sales share in Japan, we will be the
“Power Supporting Our Life” for people around the world.

Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd. has made efforts to reform its business structure, and as a
“specialized business-creating trading company” offering integrated services from marketing to product
development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services, the company has achieved
success on numerous projects owing to creative ideas and its commitment to execution.

The company has invested in new energy fields with great potential,
starting with LNG marine loading arms which boast the top domestic share,
contributing to the stable supply of energy both domestically and internationally.
It has also established its style of operations as a high value-added business.
With highly specialized knowledge and the ability to make new proposals and speedy responses,
the company will continue to actively take on new challenges such as starting new businesses.
Based on the management slogan, “We will become a value-creating professional organization for the
satisfaction of our customers,” the company will continue to develop its business
by providing even greater value to customers worldwide.

Major Products and Services

LNG-related Materials (Cryogenic Equipment)

We handle various products including cryogenic loading arms for handling various frozen gases such as LNG and LPG, pumps and butterfly valves. We have delivery records of loading arms for LNG service to all the domestic thermal power stations using LNG. The first such unit still operates well on the front line even half a century after installation, demonstrating their excellent performance and durability.

Marine Loading Arms

Compared with the previous mainstream of rubber hoses, loading arms have considerably improved safety and efficiency, enabling much smoother loading. At present, marine loading arms are the norm for loading operations with tankers at harbors worldwide.

Tank/Rail Truck Loading Arms

These loading arms are used for safe and time saving liquid loading for tank lorries and tank rail cars. Similar to the marine loading arms, our products can load at temperatures both high and low, as well as special liquids.

Company’s Profile

Business Sales of energy and plant related equipment, port equipment and other products
Established October 2, 2006
(Registered address)
2-2-1 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0031 Japan
Business Network Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch, Hiroshima Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Sendai Branch, Sapporo Branch, Tomakomai Office, Beijing Office, Singapore Regional Office
President Hideshige Tsubouchi
Capital Stock 400 million yen
Employees 142 (As of March 31, 2020)
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