Creating No. 1 Businesses Globally by Leveraging Abundant Business
Experience Overseas in Investment and Joint Venture Projects

TOKYO BOEKI MATERIALS LTD. aims to create No. 1 businesses globally by taking advantage of its know-how that has been obtained from
abundant business experience in investment and joint venture projects in China, Asia, Australia and Canada.

We engage in three core business fields: the material business for totally coordinated operations regarding
refractory products that support the steel-making industry from the supply of raw materials to their design, manufacture and sales;
the resource and energy business to supply diversified raw materials, including coal, coke, carbon material,
manganese/chrome ores and ferroalloy, and phosphate rock as a raw material of feeds and fertilizers,
from many countries around the world, as well as for product development with foreign partners;
and the steel business to stably provide various high-grade steel plates such as those for use in automobiles,
high-grade wire rods and stainless/specialty steel globally centering on Asia and Oceania.

In addition, we have established seven joint ventures in China to proactively address potential fields such as refractory products,
machinery, automobiles and raw materials–related.
We will address global needs by taking advantage of our business network that previously was nurtured in Asia and Oceania.

Major Products and Services

Refractory Bricks for Steel-Making

We handle refractory and ceramics products, raw materials thereof and related materials and equipment.

Resource/Energy Raw Materials

We promote handling raw materials for fertilizers, in addition to raw materials for resource/energy applications.

Steel Plates for Processing

We handle steel products of domestic and overseas manufacturers. We stably provide steel products such as high-grade steel plates, wire rods and specialty steels, all of which are tailored to a variety of applications.

Company’s Profile

Business Material business (procurement, development and sales of refractory bricks, etc.)
Raw material business (procurement, sales and development of raw materials for iron and steel, fertilizers, batteries, etc.)
Steel business (procurement, sales and development of thin steel plates, stainless steel, wire rods, etc.)
Established October 1, 2006
(Registered address)
2-2-1 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0031 Japan
Business Network Tokyo Head Office, Chiba Sales Office, Kashima Sales Office, Keihin Sales Office, Wakayama Sales Office, Fukuyama Sales Office, Kurashiki Sales Office, China, Indonesia
President Hiroshi Shigezumi
Capital Stock 400 million yen
Employees 48 (As of March 31,2021)
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