A company which develops high-pressure gas products,
operating based on its foundations in the gas energy market,
and developing a new business in the hydrogen energy market.

Tokyo Boeki Mechanics Ltd. is a company specializing in gas energy and deals with design,
development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance.
The company primarily imports high-quality compressors, pumps, etc.,
and provides them to customers as devices compliant with Japanese business laws.

The company has led the high-pressure gas field through its support for
special gases and giving various types of advice to clients.
For future business development, the company is focused on hydrogen energy.
By introducing new hydrogen generator technology from the United States,
the company can realize inexpensive manufacturing of hydrogen from fuel gas.
Furthermore, the company is making progress in the development of compressors that can
supply the pressurized hydrogen required by fuel cell vehicles, and is working on product development
comprehensively in preparation for the transition into a hydrogen-based society.

The company sees the changing energy environment as an opportunity,
and will constantly take on the challenge of starting new businesses,
as it aims to be a leader of change in the energy industry.

Major Products and Services


We were among the first to introduce compressors manufactured by U.S. Corken to the LNG industry in Japan. Corken compressors are currently used at filling stations throughout the country. They have been used for more than 40 years not only due to their excellent performance but also through our technical follow-up and maintenance services that meet well customer needs. We can also handle compressors by leading manufacturers of the world, such as PDC and Rix.


We have abundant delivery records of pumps required for LPG filling stations, gas stations and LNG satellite bases. We also have delivered numerous pumps used for disaster measures, and they have gained high credibility. We have reinforced lineups of pumps for cryogenic special liquids, air-driven piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, Versa-Matic pumps and so forth. We have established a consistent support system integrating engineering and maintenance services for long use by customers.

Odorization Apparatuses

We have abundant delivery records of odorization apparatuses throughout the country, boasting a large market share in the industry. To meet various customer needs, our proprietary know-how covers “quality management” to guarantee optimum quality from the design and manufacturing, “installation” and “maintenance” that pay attention to optimum process control and regional location, and appropriate “removal and disposal” of unnecessary items.

Plant Equipment

We have been trading numerous plant equipment with domestic and foreign agents and provided them to customers, including the import of portable-type LNG vaporizers for the first time in Japan. Going forward, we will contribute to the stable supply for energy infrastructure.

Company’s Profile

Business Sales and maintenance of gas-related equipment
Established October 1, 2001
(Registered address)
2-2-1 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0031 Japan
Business Network Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office, Hiroshima Sales Office, Fukuoka Office
President Koji Nakayama
Capital Stock 100 million yen
Employees 45 (As of March 31, 2017)
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