Contributing to the medical treatment and health of people worldwide through opening up desktop clinical examination medical equipment market and always developing products from the perspective of customers.

Tokyo Boeki Medisys Inc. develops, sells, and maintains automated analyzers for use
in clinical examinations in hospitals and medical testing institutions.

The company’s flagship product, compact but high-quality and high-performance “BiOLiS 24i” series,
is an incredibly versatile device, usable not only for blood and urine, but even soil component analysis.
With a sales network stretching across more than 80 countries worldwide, the company has
already sold more than 7,500 units, holding top share globally among desktop blood analyzers.
In order to further expand sales in the global market, the company has developed a new model, “BiOLiS 30i,”
with further enhanced functions such as improved processing speed.

In April 2015, the company became the successor to the sales division of the group company
Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd., realizing the unification of manufacturing and sales.
Engineers with advanced expert knowledge, sales-service engineers who directly hear the concerns of customers,
and all other employees work together to contribute to medical care and the health of people around the world
through the development and sales of products equipped with the latest technology.

Major Products and Services

Automated Analyzer

We engage in the development of automated analyzers for use in clinical examinations to measure cholesterol, blood-sugar level and other items at hospitals and medical testing institutions. We boast sales of more than 6,600 units of the "BiOLiS" series in Japan and overseas. The BiOLiS analyzers ha5ve excellent operability and high processing capability despite compact size.

Company’s Profile

Business Development, sales and after-marketing services of automated analyzers for use in clinical examinations
Established July 21, 1999
(Registered address)
1-14-21 Higashi toyoda, Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0052, Japan
Business Network Hino Head Office and R&D Center, Kyobashi Office, Sapporo Branch Office, Sendai Branch Office, Nagoya Branch Office, Osaka Branch Office, Hiroshima Branch Office, Fukuoka Branch Office
President President Shigeru Moriyama
Capital Stock 200 million yen
Employees 75 (As of March 31,2021)
Company Site
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