Overseas Group Companies

The overseas group companies active throughout the world using
the weapons of their global perspective and specialties

There are five overseas group companies in the United States, China, Southeast Asia and Russia.
We have built an organic global network utilizing the strengths of each company.
To the world, to the frontiers. Seeking new possibilities, our ties to each other will continue to expand even further.



As the United States representative office of Tokyo Boeki Techno-System Ltd., the company was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1991. The company was relocated to Cincinnati in 2011, and has continued to grow as the core base of our operations in the U.S. market to the present. Trading partners are centered on Japanese and American automobile manufacturers, and the company is actively working on new non-automotive markets as well.

Headquarters 11 Spiral Drive Suite 3 Florence, Kentucky 41042, U.S.A.
TEL 1-859-534-0853
FAX 1-859-817-0663
URL https://www.tbts.co.jp/e/TBNA/



Established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2005, TBTS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has grown continuously as the core base of the Southeast Asian market to the present. The company has a track record of selling Tokyo Boeki’s own products such as layout machines, Vectoron and the like, in addition to various other products, to mainly Japanese automobile manufacturers. Currently, the company is focusing on the new model development divisions of automobile manufacturers.

Headquarters 9/78 Srinakarin Rd., Nongbon, Khet Pravet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
TEL 02-330-9040
FAX 02-330-9043
URL http://www.tbts.co.th/



Tokyo Boeki Ltd. (now Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corporation) established its first office in Moscow in 1959. In 1967, the office received official approval from the government of the former Soviet Union as the first Free World corporation. Since then, the company was involved in Soviet-Japanese trade in a variety of fields, and in order to further enhance its base in the Russian market, which has begun a new round of rapid growth, Tokyo Boeki (Rus) Ltd. was established as a local subsidiary in Moscow in September 2006.

Headquarters Business Center "Brigantine Hall" FL4, Novolesnaya Str.2, Moscow, 127055, Russia
TEL 7-495-223-4000
FAX 7-495-223-4001
URL http://tokyo-boeki.ru/



In August 2009, due to an expansion of business scope, the company changed its name from that of its predecessor TOMAS Trading (Shanghai) Corp. to Tokyo Boeki (China) Ltd. The company handles wide range of products including refractories, metal materials, equipment, building materials and steel used in the steel industry, and its low cost, diverse and high material quality refractories have gained high praise from customers. The company also works in a wide range of businesses such as introducing and selling materials and refractories to Chinese manufacturers.

Headquarters 200051 中国上海市長寧区中山西路1055号SOHO中山広場(A座)1201室
1201, A Block, SOHO Zhongshan Plaza, 1055 West Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai, 200051, China
TEL 021-5109-8158
FAX 021-2356-0092


As a Chinese local subsidiary of Tokyo Boeki Techno-System Ltd., TTS (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in 2006, and the company has grown continuously to the present as the core base of the Chinese market.
In recent years, sales of large model processing machines to Chinese automobile manufacturers have grown, and the company is showing great success in the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Headquarters 中華人民共和国広州市高新技術産業開発区科学城光譜西路TCL文化産業園
TCL Culture Industrial Park, Guangpu Road West, Science City, Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou, China
TEL 020-61038811
FAX 020-61038812
URL http://www.ttsg.com.cn/