A group of 3D specialists selling 3D measurement
instruments indispensable for manufacturing automobiles and
precision machines.

Tokyo Boeki Techno-System Ltd. is a 3D specialist with over 30 years of experience in the development,
manufacturing, and sales of a variety of 3D measurement instruments.

The company provides first-rate products both in Japan and abroad,
as well as total solutions which incorporates its own products.
Therefore, it is a unique 3D-related company with traits of both a trading company
and a manufacturing company in its DNA.

As an organization of 3D experts, “3-D EXPERT, TTS.,” the company aims to evolve and deepen
its expertise in order to “provide products that customers will enjoy and be satisfied with.”
The company’s globally acclaimed 3D measurement instruments provide integrated measurement and data
processing in a series of processes, from development and modeling, down to manufacturing,
inspection, and completion of various products.
In addition to especially contributing to the improvement of automotive product development capability,
the company’s products are showing their strength in product development and cost reduction of various
software and information processing services.

Major Products and Services

3D Measurement Instruments

We provide a variety of 3D measuring instruments, including contact-types, non-contact-types using laser beams and those allowing automatic measurements by attaching on a robot arm. The measuring instruments are compatible with small-scale objects of only several centimeters to extremely large-scale articles such as airplanes and vessels.

Measurement DX solution / Quality data IoT

We provide solutions that greatly contribute to productivity improvement, such as strengthening quality control governance, digital traceability for centralized management of product and quality data and also "visualization" of manufacturing processes and improvements.

Milling Machines for Design

A milling machine is an automatic system for fabricating clay models in the design department of auto-makers, etc.


Our software products are used to create planes based on measured data obtained by use of a 3D measuring instrument and for comparing with CAD data. The software is mainly used in the inspection and reverse engineering fields.

Company’s Profile

Business Design, development, manufacturing, sales, export/import of and services for 3D measurement instruments (including CNC automatic type, non-contact type and measuring robots), clay model milling machines, related software (for design, inspection, analysis and data processing), and other products
Established March 1, 1994
(Registered address)
2-2-1 Kyobashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0031 Japan
Business Network Tokyo Head Office, Atsugi Sales Office/Atsugi Technical Center, Toyota Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office/Osaka Technical Center, Hiroshima Sales Office, Fukuoka Sales Office, U.S.A, Mexico, Thailand, China
President Katsuhiko Masuda
Capital Stock 340 million yen
Employees 128 (As of March 31,2021)
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