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Celebrating its 75th anniversary, we will continuously contribute to the realization and development of a society in which people can enjoy safe and secure lifestyles, economy, and social activities.

Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corporation
President and Representative Director
Hideshige Tsubouchi

Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my greetings to all of our stakeholders as president of Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corporation.

We, Tokyo Boeki Group, are an independent "business-creating corporate group" consisting of a holding company, Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corporation, and our unique domestic and overseas operating companies.

Under the group's "The Three Founding Spirits + 1”,each company in the group is carrying out its own independent corporate activities, while we will continue to provide new values to the world by synergistically enhancing the presence and competitiveness of the group as a whole.

Although the battle against the new type of coronavirus remains unpredictable, a new society is being created by exploring the way to coexist with it as nations start opening doors to tourists, for instance.
As the way people live and work is changing, a different standard of living is emerging.

In addition, the long-standing concern of environmental issues is being addressed. While the SDGs set forth by the United Nations are widely understood, the movement toward decarbonization is gaining momentum.

Turning our eyes to the global situation, energy and security issues have been under close scrutiny, and the business environment is becoming more and more confusing due to the weak yen and soaring raw material prices.
Under such circumstances, companies must now more than ever reevaluate themselves and give deep thought to how they exist in this world.

Against this background, Tokyo Boeki Group will take the changing business environment as an opportunity and is united in its efforts to steadily grow our business based on a solid management strategy while developing new businesses and deepening existing businesses.

This year, Tokyo Boeki Group celebrates its 75th anniversary.

We will continue to innovate, without fear of change and are determined to fulfill our responsibility as a company to realize and develop such a society in which all stakeholders can enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle, economy, and social activities.

We sincerely ask for your continued support.

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