Management Philosophy and Compliance

Tokyo Boeki Group has inherited a “founding spirit” and “management philosophy”
and are now developing the Tokyo Boeki Group Federal Management based on the “founding spirit”
below as an independent business-creating corporate group.

Three founding spirits “TOMAS spirit” +1

  1. Mindset of management among all employees
  2. Mindset of a pioneer
  3. Mindset to overcome any obstacle and to never reduce our efforts
  4. +1 Be cheerful, honest,【smart】and tough

Management Philosophy

Each one of us at Tokyo Boeki Group takes pride in our work, builds a creative company where we can realize our dreams, and contributes to the realization and continuation of a better society.

Tokyo Boeki Philosophy of Action

1. Reform /challenge

Tokyo Boeki Group considers “reform/challenge” to be our most important value and give this our highest evaluation.
We will provide “opportunities” to employees who “reform/challenge” and we will develop and grow together with them as a highly creative company.

2. Sound management

Tokyo Boeki Group will engage in responsible management which places importance on sound revenues in order to meet the obligations of our mandate from the shareholders.
The group employees shall always have a sense of community and completely fulfill their respective roles and responsibilities.

3. Customer-oriented approach

Tokyo Boeki Group will engage in management that is highly rated and trusted by its customers.
It is our customers and the market which guarantee the employment of each and every employee. Employees must always be evaluated by providing value for the customers and the market.

4. Contribution to society

Tokyo Boeki Group will operate a business that contributes to local communities and the international community.

5. Self-actualization

Love people, love your work, and create a richly fulfilling life.

Tokyo Boeki Group Code of Conduct

Tokyo Boeki Group (TB-GR) shall conduct its business with the goal of the “evolution” and “deepening” of the following “four values.”

1. Always aim to achieve customer satisfaction and increase “market value.”

TB-GR shall always conduct itself with the aims of providing value for customers and the market and becoming an enterprise that is highly rated and trusted by its customers and the market.
As a “global partner” creating a brighter future for our customers we shall continue to evolve toward new value creation and as highly specialized professionals we will deepen our high-added-value services to meet increasing complex and diverse needs.

2. Always challenge ourselves to innovate and increase “business value.”

TB-GR shall always challenge itself to respond to new changes in each era and shall act to become an enterprise that creates value utilizing all of the business assets of the group.
Using our pioneer spirit we will tirelessly evolve our business to create new business models, deepen our “Associated Management” under which all of the group companies are independent but cooperate organically, and aim to secure and expand business profits.

3. Always respect employees and shareholders and increase “shareholders value.”

TB-GR shall always act to firmly maintain its independence and autonomy as an enterprise, and to act to meet the obligations of our mandate from internal and external stakeholders through the growth of people and the business.
We will aim to evolve our people and the business through a “joint creativity” of the organization and individuals based on a sense of community, and in addition to the accumulation and sharing of information we will deepen highly-transparent accountability (the responsibility to give explanations and deliver results), and achieve employee satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction.

4. Always keep in mind our contribution to society and increase “corporate value.”

TB-GR will work toward the realization of a productive international community by complying with laws and acting in accordance with ethics, and acting in order to become an enterprise which fulfills its social roles and responsibilities.
Based on compliance with a more evolved sense of corporate mission (corporate ethics and management ethics), we will take the lead with respect to social norms from the perspective of a global corporate citizen, and further deepen the contribution of the group to society and our corporate social responsibility.

Compliance Action Guidelines (Outline)

Basic Stance

(1) Comply with all matters determined in laws and regulations, employment regulations, in-house rules, etc.
(2) Act in accordance with socially-accepted ideas and common sense

Compliance Areas

  1. Guidelines for Business Activities
    (1) Compliance with laws and regulations related to exports and imports
    (2) Thorough management to ensure secure trade
    (3) Compliance with the various commercial laws
    (4) Compliance with the non monopoly Act and related laws
    (5) Prevention of unfair competition
    (6) Protection of intellectual property rights
    (7) Thorough information management
    (8) Conservation of the environment
  2. Guidelines for Tokyo Boeki as a Corporate Citizen
    (1) Common sense and moderate business entertaining and gift-giving
    (2) Prohibition of entertaining and gift-giving for domestic and foreign public officers that infringes laws and regulations, etc.
    (3) Prohibition of donations and political contributions that infringe laws and regulations, etc.
    (4) Refusal of all relationships with antisocial forces
    (5) Appropriate use of information systems
    (6) Prohibition of conflicts of interest, etc.
    (7) Appropriate accounting management and tax processing
  3. Guidelines for Maintaining an Ideal Workplace Environment
    (1) Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination
    (2) Prohibition of sexual harassment
    (3) Compliance with laws and regulations, etc. about workplace safety and health
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