Tokyo Boeki Group Management Axis

  • 1. Core Value

    The Spirit of Management Participated by All (Founding Spirit)

  • 2. Philosophy

    Tokyo Boeki Group will be a group where all group employees participate in management from their own standpoints under a free and vigorous culture, always contributing to the sustainable development of society, and the success of our customers, being recognized as a necessary part of society, and appreciated by our customers. We will be a group in which employees feel happy and proud by working in such a group.

  • 3. Purpose

    -Contribute to the development of a sustainable society (SDGs)

    -Pursue the happiness, both materially and spiritually, of Tokyo Boeki Group employees.

  • 4. Vision

    -A group that maintains a balanced business portfolio (multiple growth businesses) to respond to changes in society.

    -A group with a free and vigorous corporate culture that can challenge innovation and talk about dreams.

    -A group that contributes to the development of society and the success of our customers, is recognized as a necessary part of society, and makes all employees proud of.



  • 1.Compliance Code of Conduct

    Tokyo Boeki Group employees shall implement the following compliance guidelines in order to realize the management axis and specifically, the “Action Guidelines for Embodying Management by All “.

  • 2.Risk Management and Compliance System

    Tokyo Boeki Group implements the following risk management and compliance system.

  • 3.Consultation Desk

    Tokyo Boeki Group has established the following consultation desks to respond to consultations from all stakeholders including employees.