We support the peaceful lives of people through the provision of total services.

We develop, manufacture, and sell security equipment, medical equipment, and physical and chemical equipment. We also provide security equipment, mainly surveillance cameras, with a total service from on-site survey to system design, proposal/estimate, installation, repair and maintenance under strict quality control. In the medical equipment field, we sell compact automatic clinical analyzers for clinical testing in more than 80 countries and regions.

TB-eye Ltd.

As a manufacturer trading company, we contribute to the safety and security of society through our security business, communication business, and e-commerce business.

We offer a total one-stop service from security system proposals, provision of peripheral equipment, monitors, and lenses, to design, installation, and maintenance services.
We also supply high-quality security equipment carefully selected from around the world as our own brand products on an OEM basis, and customize and sell them as AI technology-based cloud-edged service solutions for the data required by our customers.
Through a variety of systems that match the needs and locations of our customers, we support a safe and secure society and people.


We have pioneered the market for tabletop medical devices for clinical laboratories and contribute to medical care and human health around the world by constantly developing products from the customer's point of view.

We develop, sell, and maintain automated clinical analyzers and clinical laboratory information systems for hospitals and medical laboratories.
Our main products, the Biolis series of biochemical analyzers are extremely versatile instruments that can be used for blood and urine analysis as well as soil component analysis. With over 7,500 units sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, we boast the world's top market share for tabletop blood analyzers.
All of our employees, including engineers, sales and service engineers, will continue to think of new values everyday and contribute to medical care and human health around the world.

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