We contribute to product development and
cost reduction in a wide variety of industries,
including automobile manufacturers.

We develop, manufacture, and sell various types of CMMs. In addition, we propose and provide solutions to improve productivity by utilizing the collected data, knowledge and know-how accumulated at manufacturing sites, and related software and IoT products, thereby contributing to the construction of smart manufacturing for our customers. Also we contribute to the development of the future mobility society through manufacturing the wireharnesses used in motorcycle, and construction machinery, etc.


We are a group of specialists who develop smart measurement systems and contribute to the construction of smart factories.

Since our establishment more than 30 years ago, we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling various types of CMMs. We do not merely supply measuring systems and automation systems, but also develop and provide solutions to realize innovative and lasting improvements in productivity by utilizing data obtained from measuring machines and production equipment.
We aim to create a new solution-oriented business in response to the strong demand from customers and the market to realize global competitiveness and sustainable development by taking advantage of technological innovations such as IoT, AI, and automation in the industrial field.

TB Banshu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and selling wire harnesses that are essential for the development of a mobility society.
Based in Japan and Indonesia, we promote a borderless business model.

With two plants in Japan and two plants in Indonesia, we are engaged in the manufacture and sale of wire harnesses used in motorcycles and construction machinery.
Our mission is to "grow and collaborate with all group employees to provide safe, high-quality products and services to our customers" and "deliver innovative products and services". We respond to our customers' needs for "what, when, and how much" with our planning, sales, and manufacturing capabilities.