Energy Infrastructure

事業セグメントEnergy Infrastructure

Provides equipment and system solutions for safe and stable energy supply.

This segment develops, manufactures, sells, and provides maintenance services
for fluid handling equipment and related equipment, gas-related machinery,
power generation equipment, and environmental equipment for energy-related industries such as electricity, gas, petroleum, and petrochemicals.
The main products, fluid handling equipment, are supplied to customers around the world through an integrated management ranging from production to maintenance, and have earned a high reputation.


We contribute to the development of the global energy society through the manufacture and sale of energy-related equipment, centering on loading arms, for which we hold the top market share in Japan.

We boast the top domestic market share in sales of marine LNG loading arms, contributing to the stable supply of energy both domestically and internationally. We also deal in swivel joints and other joints, butterfly valves, and various industrial machinery, and are challenging new businesses such as robot business.
Through integrated services ranging from marketing, product development, manufacturing, sales, to after-sales service, we are committed to providing ever-greater value to our customers around the world.


As a concierge of "clean energy", we will contribute to the creation of an affluent society by sincerely responding to customer requests and providing optimal services.

We specialize in the field of gas energy and provide integrated services from design, development, manufacturing, and sales to maintenance and other after-sales services.
As a "group of high-pressure gas professionals", we have contributed to the development of the LP gas and city gas industries by providing superior compressors and pumps from Japan and overseas, as well as odorizing equipment for city gas and other products and after-sales services that satisfy our customers.
We will continue to contribute to the stable supply of clean energy and the creation of a sustainable society by providing products and after-sales services that are useful to the human energy society in the future.