We supply a wide variety of materials, resources, and steel products to industry,
while working to develop new products and expand applications for our materials.

The materials business is a pioneer in refractory bricks made in China. In the steel business, the company supplies various steel products, including high-grade steel, to the automobile, resources, energy, infrastructure and construction industries, as well as developing the digital solutions business. In the materials sector, the company procures and supplies mainly steel materials and equipment. It also designs, develops, manufactures, sells and maintains various types of forging rolls for rolling, mainly for steel manufacturers.


We supply a wide variety of materials, resources, and steel products to industry while promoting our digital solution business, developing new products and expanding our business.

We are engaged in three core businesses. The materials business provides total coordination from raw material supply to design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service of refractories that support the steelmaking industry; the steel business stably supplies high-quality steel sheets, wire rods, stainless steel, and specialty steel mainly to Asian markets; and the resources & raw materials business supplies a wide variety of raw materials from China, Australia, Russia, and Asia. In addition, we have established a joint venture company in China to engage in refractory, raw materials, and automobile-related businesses.
From product and technology development to business building, we will contribute by providing unique functions and services as well as self-developed products to customers around the world.

Japan Advanced Roll Co., Ltd.

Our strength lies in our high quality and technical capabilities, and as a top player among forged roll manufacturers, we support the foundations of manufacturing.

We are a one-stop provider of design, development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance services for various types of forged rolls and other products for rolling, mainly for steel manufacturers.
As a top player among manufacturers specialising in forged rolls, we have a broad business base in Japan and overseas, mainly in Asia and Oceania, by making the most of our technical capabilities and high quality cultivated over our long history.
As the best partner for our customers, we continue to satisfy the needs of the times.