Energy Machinery Industry Group

We contribute to building the foundation for the highly fulfilling lives of people through the stable supply and security of energy.

The Energy Machinery Industry Group engages in the development, manufacturing,
sales and maintenance of LNG-Related Materials (Cryogenic Equipment)
for energy-related industries including electric power and gas industries that handle oil products.
The loading arms for handling LNG transported at temperatures less than
-162℃ have gained a high reputation in Japan and overseas.

Major Products and Services

LNG-Related Materials (Cryogenic Equipment)

The Group engages in the manufacturing and sales of loading arms that support the stable distribution of LNG transported at extremely low temperatures of below -162℃, and their related devices.

Related Products

Loading Arm, Features of Swivel Joint, Butterfly Valve

Gas-Related Machinery and Devices

The Group engages in the design and sales of odorization apparatuses to odorize the gases produced and various kinds of pumps. The Group also promotes investment in the hydrogen-related business, as well as research and development, an area with high expectations as a source of clean energy.

Related Products

Odorization apparatuses, compressors, pumps, hydrogen generators

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