Materials, Resource and Metal Industry Group

We supply diverse natural resources, iron and steel,
and materials to the industrial world.
We are also expanding the development and application of
new products that take advantage of materials.

We have established unique business models through a cooperating system of
overseas local subsidiaries and joint ventures.
We provide the steel and energy industries with refractory bricks,
raw materials and auxiliary raw materials for use in steel-making and other applications.
We stably provide products desired by customers through tripartite trade taking
advantage of the Group’s global network.

Major Products and Services

Material business

We promote establishing a consistent value chain covering from the development and manufacturing of refractory products to after-sales services thereof including the construction of furnaces. In the ceramics business, we provide consistent services from design and manufacturing to construction and maintenance as an engineering partner.

Related Products

Refractory bricks

Resource-Energy Raw Materials business

We procure and provide raw materials from overseas, such as resources for steel-making, energy resources and raw materials for fertilizers, which are desired by relevant industries.

Related Products

Phosphate rock, coke, lithium, silico-manganese and chrome

Steel business

We stably supply steel products including stainless steels and specialty steels bound for overseas destinations.

Related Products

Steel plates for use in automobiles, stainless steel plates

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