Medical, Life and Science Industry Group

We support people’s peaceful lifestyles through
a variety of products and services.

The Medical, Life and Science Industry Group engages in the development,
sales and maintenance of a wide range of products, including security devices, medical devices,
scientific instruments and industrial machinery, which support people's lives behind the scenes.
For security devices with increasing demand in Japan,
the Group endeavors to ensure promising effects for customers, for example,
by giving tailored advice on installation positions in addition to the sales of such products.
Furthermore, desktop automated analyzers have been sold in over 80 countries around the world
by taking advantage of the established global network and sales capability.
The Group intends to promote further deployment of these devices.

Major Products and Services

Security Devices

The Group deals with analog-type surveillance cameras, digital-type surveillance cameras that enable simultaneous surveillance of several positions via a network, and auxiliary devices such as monitors and recorders.

Related Products

Digital/analog surveillance cameras, recording media, monitors

Medical Devices

The Group is a pioneer of compact desktop automated analyzers and boasts sales to more than 80 countries around the world. They can be used for soil component analysis in addition to the analysis of liquids such as blood.

Related Products

Desktop automated analyzers (BiOLiS series)

Scientific Instruments

The Group has delivered various kinds of scientific instruments including electron microscopes of ultra-high, nano-order resolution to research, educational and medical institutes and private corporations in Russia and the CIS countries. In particular, deliveries to the Russian Academy of Sciences and universities have long contributed to the development of Russian scientific research.

Related Products

Optical/electron microscopes, sintering devices

Industrial Machinery

With Russia and the CIS countries as main markets, the Group has distributed various industrial machinery such as generators and welding machines operable in the extreme cold and also participated in several large-scale projects for leading corporations. In the history of more than half a century, the Group has undertaken several significant plant projects.

Related Products

Generators, welding machines, carrier dumps, ancillary facilities of plants

Communication Devices

The “Clear Talk Com” intercom system, developed in cooperation with NTT and Toshiba, provides communication environment enabling a two-way simultaneous calls of clear sound quality by adopting an original signal zone. The system is available at medical institutions and accommodating facilities such as hotels.

Related Products

WI-FI intercom systems (Clear Talk Com)

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