Technology, Automobiles and Information Industry Group

We contribute to product development and cost reductions for
auto-makers and a diverse range of other industries.

3D measurement instruments and modelers, the core products of the Technology,
Automobiles and Information Industry Group,
are essential for Japan's automotive industry, which has gained a high reputation worldwide.
The Group supports measuring and data processing in a series of processes from design to manufacturing,
testing and completion in an integrated manner.
The Group endeavors to contribute to the improvement of the product development capability of auto-makers.
3D measurement instruments thus support the product development and
cost reduction of many industries as they evolve through diversification, refinement and automation.

Major Products and Services

3D Measurement Instruments and Related Devices

The Group provides a variety of 3D measuring instruments, including contact-types, non-contact-types using laser beams and those allowing automatic measurements by attaching on a robot arm. The measuring instruments are compatible with small-scale objects of only several centimeters to extremely large-scale articles such as airplanes and vessels.

Related Products

Non-contact measurement instrument:
CCD camera type: COMET
Laser type: Leica T-Scan System
Cantilevered three-dimensional measurement instrument

Milling machines

A milling machine enables processing of clay models which are fabricated mainly in the automobile design process. Fine modeling is enabled also with materials such as aluminum.

Related Products


Development of Various Kinds of Software

The Group engages in the development of software for 3D data analysis and the contract development of production management systems for plants. In recent years, the Group has expanded to the development and sales of highly scalable package systems.

Related Products

Contract system development, application development

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